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Found Objects

It’s been just over a week since my last post and the third week in the shop is upon me! So much has happened in that time!! More people have come through to see what we’re about..though the high summer heat has kept some folks away (I really can’t wait for that moment when the angle of the sun makes it’s shift and you know that autumn is near). We had a delivery of Chalk Paint (TM) by Annie Sloan in the most gorgeous colours!! That’s right, we are officially stockists of this amazing paint!! It really is like nothing I’ve ever used before. It should make those upcycling projects of mine a breeze! Over the next week I will be having some training with Kim Valois of Brocante-in-the-Barossa on how to host a workshop. These are for anyone who would like to see the paint in action and how wonderful it can be to do your own little projects with this life-changing product..stay tuned!

I really wanted to share something with those of you into ‘found treasures’, recycling and reusing things already in existence for you home. I happened to find in my travels a pair of what I would consider vintage French style carved oak and rattan arm chairs. When I rescued them (from out of the rain) they were damp and smelly with crumbling foam seat pads, stained upholstery and covered head to toe in dog hair (no offense to dogs and dog lovers!) I could see though that the bones of these chairs were amazing and charming and quite beautiful. My husband and I lugged them home in an already squished car (‘squished’ seems to be our natural habitat at the moment!) and not long after I eagerly set to work vacuuming, cutting, stripping and sanding. Everything seemed to be intact, the rattan was perfect, albeit a little worn and stained in some parts, but as if somehow by miracle there were no holes or tears! Even on the sides where there’s a double layer of this delicate weave!! The webbing underneath was fine too, but the fabric a disaster. Not to worry, as all that ripping and stripping of stinky maroon brocade revealed the original hessian underneath! In fact, whilst we were driving I suggested to my husband that the chairs would look great really ‘raw’ and recovered in hessian..he said ‘that’s exactly what I was thinking!!’ Aww we are so in-sinc!

I gave the timber a light sand to even up the appearance as some stain had worn off and some still remained. I’m pretty certain the timber is oak and now the chairs have a light bleached ‘raw’ look about them which is exactly how I pictured them. Though it is tempting to rub on some teak oil to see how the gorgeous grain and carving would look! Hmm I’ll have to think about that one! They do need new chair pads which would be an easy fix, and then it’s a matter of putting on a new cover of hessian to keep it looking bleached and natural, or do I go all Marie Antionette and jolly them up with a sumptuous French Toile? Decisions, decisions! This is why I love what I do, it’s pure fun.

We thought we might hold on to these ones but have decided to put them in the shop for sale. As the saying goes, one person’s trash really is another person’s treasure!!

Love Hanna xx


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