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Hello world!

Hi all and welcome to the first blog post for Hunted Home and Vintage!

This blog is a journal of Hunted Home and Vintage, what we’re all about and how we came to be here. It’s about taking time out of a hectic life to stop and appreciate the beauty that is all around us. It’s about found things, loved things, things that pass on to others and the joy that it brings them. It’s about the people I meet, relationships and friendships made. The bounty of nature that I travel through each day that takes my breathe away, that I never tire of and that which continues to inspire me no matter how often I pass through it.

This blog is also a discussion about the objects that humans throw away, things that are deemed ‘no longer useful’, ‘no longer in-style’, things which become treasure to others, or simply a necessity in life just to be comfortable. It takes a bit of imagination sometimes, but things can be repurposed, made like new, or simply just functionable again. There is beauty, function and form in many things (quite often in old things) and with a little know-how, imagination, vision, paint, sand paper, fabric and elbow-grease, these attributes can be brought to the forefront.

My love of vintage goes way back. When I was little, I loved nothing more than pouring over my family’s photo albums! Squinting to see the sepia-stained faces of great grandparents, aunts, uncles, second and third cousins along with friends from next-door or up-the-street. Mum would often say ‘Now you know where your cheek bones come from’ and other such little sayings. The stories told of struggle, migration and settlement were fascinating to me and I’d long to hear them over and over again. I didn’t know these people, but they were my kin and their struggles and journies were real to me, even as a child.

My other joy was to be surrounded by the pretty little plates, bowls, cups, paintings, fabrics, clothing, jewelry and any other little trinkets that Nanna happened to have around the place when I was growing up. She had a beautiful old house in an old part of Adelaide that was originally her ‘Granny’s’ house. Here she kept a wonderful garden which had the ‘double’ backyard! The first yard was manicured and clipped with borders of beautiful, thriving garden beds, resplendent with an assortment of camellias, fushias, azaleas and the like. My favourite was the huge fig tree that shaded her kitchen window with its rich, pungey scent and giant leaves! The second yard laid beyond a white picket fence with a little gate and was a glorious chaos of plants, snails, compost scraps dug in to the soil, gnarly old orange and lemon tress, gerberas, lambs ears, herbs, daisies and what ever else decided to pop up out of the ground! One warm, gentle, quiet day I laid in the hammock right down the back that was roped to a little wooden pergola, and all I could hear was the soft buzz of bees that floated drunkenly from flower to flower..what bliss!! I really did feel like Alice in Wonderland trapped (joyfully) in the exotic giant flower garden!

From there it just grew, my high school friend and I would rummage through op-shops and pick up 60’s chiffon mini dresses and velvet coats to wear on a night on the town. As well as to high school functions which would ‘shock’ everyone because of how different and daring we were. I think one day I even donned a beehive to school!! I was obsessed, cared little of what people thought and wore my vintage heart on my sleeve!

Those sweet days are long ago and life has been interesting and hectic, with many troughs and peaks to say the least, however my passion for vintage has never wavered. I have discovered many different styles and ways of using it in life and the home and it brings me a sense of joy that helps to counteract the sometimes domestic drudgery of life!! I now have a gorgeous family, incredible husband and live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I will leave you now and hope that you have enjoyed my first entry. I will be bringing you snippets of what is happening in the store, things that I find, the odd recipe here and there, pictures and discussions of things that I love. I hope these will inspire you to create a beautiful, interesting, love-filled life and home.

Love Hanna xx

My gorgeous husband and I on our wedding day in the stunning Adelaide Hills!
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